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Canvas Paintings

I am invested in creating unique artwork that brings your vision to life, is authentic to my style, and that you'll love for a lifetime.

I look forward to creating a custom piece for you!


Please be aware that it can take anywhere from 1-4 months for me to complete and dispatch your order depending on the size, complexity of your vision, and other projects I'm currently working on. 

If the painting has lots of intricate details the price will be towards the higher side. We will plan and discuss before finalizing the commission price.

A non-refundable deposit payment of 50% the total price will be required in order to start the commission, this is to insure your commitment to the piece and reserve my time to produce it. The other 50% will be required when the artwork is complete.


If needed we can arrange a monthly payment plan where you'll receive your painting once the full payment is collected.

If you are serious about having a custom painting, email me with details. Let's make magic happen!



9x12 inches


11x14 inches


16x20 inches


18x24 inches


24x36 inches


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